Our Courses

We teach the Integral Theory in a modular system from the basics to the various modes of integral application. You can decide how deep you want to immerse yourself in the courses. We offer the following programs: evening lectures, 2-day Introductory Workshop on the Integral Approach, Basic Course in Integral Theory, Integral Developmental Theories, Integral Communication, Integral Teacher Training, Integral Spirituality Seminar, Integral Self Awareness Training, and Integral Camp. PRINCIPLES … Continue reading

Integral Education Workshop

I spent the last 33 years in school as a student, teacher and admissions officer. I worked as a German language teacher for 21 years in various settings; traditional secondary school, Waldorf school, language school. I recently completed a 3-year program in Integral Psychology at the Integral Academy, where I learned about Integral Theory and Ken Wilber from Bence Gánti. At the end of my third year I wrote a thesis. … Continue reading

Integral Workshop

The joy of thinking together, the inspirational power of community, applying your creativity and immersing yourself in an integral topic are among the exciting possibilities offered by our Integral Workshops. Here, you can be who you really are, and you can gain in-depth knowledge about what interests you. Here you can work with joy and passion. The Integral Workshops comprise the non-profit activities of the Integral Institute Hungary. Join us! … Continue reading

Integral Conference in Nürnberg

17-19. June 2011. Further details…

Integral Communication Workshop

Within the framework of the Integral Communication Workshop, I aim to work on elaborating a communication model, which takes into account – and applies – the 5 main aspects of Integral Theory (quadrants, levels, lines, states and types). During the course of our work, we use the integral map to aid us in examining and integrating the main theories on communication. We have a fundamental need to share our thoughts … Continue reading