Integral Theory

The integral approach helps you to see and understand yourself and the world in the context of a system.


The Integral Map is an all-encompassing model developed by Ken Wilber, which integrates the key elements of the great cultural and spiritual traditions of the world – including psychology, science, anthropology, mysticism, sociology, spirituality, religion, politics, medical science, and biology – into a single system. It synthesizes Eastern traditions and Western science, the past and the present – from the sages of ancient times to today’s scientific discoveries. It organizes everything into a comprehensive map with the understanding that individual areas represent partial truths with consideration for only certain aspects of reality. In spite of its complexity, its beauty is in its simplicity. The five basic elements of the integral approach consist of the quadrants, levels, lines, states, and types.


The Integral Map is far more than a just a theoretical model; it is a possibility for gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your environment, and for finding your place. It helps you to see the world through different eyes, and to live a happy, balanced and productive life. You will better understand people and your relationships, as well as your own actions and the reasons behind them. You can apply the integral approach to any aspect of your life; it will show you which perspective you rely on in a given situation and will help you to take all aspects into account.


“The integral approach, for me, is a systematizing map, which allows me to experience unity and order. With the help of this map, everything I have learned so far and the contradictions I have experienced inside me all fall into place. I now have a better understanding of myself, my relationships, people and the world in general. The world has expanded and my soul has opened up. I know where my place is and where to put you in it.”  Szilvi

“The integral view has integrated sky and earth, heart and mind for me. It has given me a system which helps me find my way in the world, while keeping in mind the wholeness and complexity of the world. It has taught me that, instead of having to choose “either/or,” cooperation in the spirit of “and/and” works better in most cases” Vénusz

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