Our basic principles

In our work at the Integral Institute, we hold the following basic principles and values in sight.


We pay attention to you and ourselves with an open heart and with unconditional acceptance, and help you in your personal development, if you wish it. Within the community, we agree to undertake only those tasks which we can do from our hearts, with love.


We perform our tasks with a sense of calling, inner motivation, enthusiasm and from the heart. Work, for us, is a form of self-expression and self-actualisation; a way to explore and unfold our creativity. Fulfilling our mission gives us strength and vigour.

Organic process

During our work, with our mission is sight, we take care to be sensitive to the natural flow of things. In accordance with this, we treat frameworks flexibly. We keep our alert awareness in the here and now and whatever wants to be, we let be.


In our community, we regard you and ourselves with respect. In the spirit of non-violence, we communicate with one another truthfully; we give clear feedback, and take responsibility for ourselves.

Positive personal regard

Because we believe that you benefit us all by being successful at what you love to do the most, we support you in this. We help with your personal development based on your expressed needs.

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