Our mission

In our vibrant and lively workshops, through the research, development, teaching and realization of integral applications, we facilitate your personal development and the transformation of society. We are a community that supports you through acceptance and love in fulfilling your mission.

We realize our mission in two ways: we hold brief integral courses and trainings, and we organize Integral Workshops, which are focused on individual integral applications. Each workshop serves as a meeting place for people committed to a given integral application. Our aim is to connect people who are interested in the integral approach, and, in this way, facilitate the development of an integral community.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

We are a community of autonomous individual who are living our mission and who realize our goals together. Instead of cultivating dependant relationships, we choose to relate to each other as equals, because we believe that you are better at something and, thus, an important part of our community. We believe that the goal of our everyday work is joy and self-expression, living our desires, attractions and special abilities. Life is always invested in making it possible for us to come to a full blossom. For us, the most beautiful thing is when you find your own song and you share that with the world. You serve us all best if you are successful at what you really like to do.

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