Integral Education Workshop

I spent the last 33 years in school as a student, teacher and admissions officer. I worked as a German language teacher for 21 years in various settings; traditional secondary school, Waldorf school, language school. I recently completed a 3-year program in Integral Psychology at the Integral Academy, where I learned about Integral Theory and Ken Wilber from Bence Gánti. At the end of my third year I wrote a thesis. As teaching and learning are my passion, writing my thesis on integral education was an obvious choice.

The primary aim of the Integral Education Workshop is to elaborate integral education as an integral application, thereby creating a new trend in primary, secondary and adult education.

I believe that there is a transformation underway in the world at the social level, which necessarily appears in the schools as well. I find the unfolding of a new social order and value system unfathomable without a new kind of teaching and a new methodology for learning. Just as the integral view provides each of us with a map of ourselves and the world, thereby facilitating development at the individual and social levels, so is integral education a map: the integral map of education.

The medium-term goal of the workshop is to launch its Integral Teacher Training Program in Hungary, which paves the way for the long-term objective of establishing the first integral school (grades 1-12)

The Integral Education Workshop would welcome those who, like me, are committed to the topics of teaching and learning, who have acquired previous experience in teaching, and who would enjoy thinking together about teaching and learning.

If you are interested, or if you have questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you.


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