Integral Workshop

The joy of thinking together, the inspirational power of community, applying your creativity and immersing yourself in an integral topic are among the exciting possibilities offered by our Integral Workshops. Here, you can be who you really are, and you can gain in-depth knowledge about what interests you. Here you can work with joy and passion. The Integral Workshops comprise the non-profit activities of the Integral Institute Hungary. Join us!

The Integral Workshops engage individual areas of integral application. The Integral Workshops are attended by people committed to various integral applications with the aim of researching, elaborating, distributing and realizing the given topic.

The activities of the workshops are linked by the Main Workshop, where general, professional, integrative work takes place. The Main Workshop meets monthly. Each month, a different workshop presents its activity, and we work together to help and develop the workshops.

We are in the process of producing a manual, which is intended to assist the progress of workshops coordinators. It contains methods for the optimal organization of the workshop, information about the characteristic stages of development that workshops naturally undergo, and suggestions on how these can be handled. This manual is continuously in development; we write it and use it together during our shared work process.

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