Our Courses

We teach the Integral Theory in a modular system from the basics to the various modes of integral application. You can decide how deep you want to immerse yourself in the courses.

We offer the following programs: evening lectures, 2-day Introductory Workshop on the Integral Approach, Basic Course in Integral Theory, Integral Developmental Theories, Integral Communication, Integral Teacher Training, Integral Spirituality Seminar, Integral Self Awareness Training, and Integral Camp.


In our training courses, we adhere to the following quality standards:

  • All our courses are based on the integral approach. Our aim is to support and inspire you toward an understanding – and thinking in terms – of the integral view, and toward immersing yourself in its application in a specific field/area.
  • We structure and realize our courses with the basic principles of integral education in view.
  • We support our teachers in their development through mentoring, shared discussions and providing regular feedback.
  • We structure our courses in a system of modules, in order to allow you to participate in the specific courses that suit your individual needs.
  • We support you if financial difficulties are hindering your participation in our courses: in each course one full and one 50% tuition waiver is raffled off. Anyone can participate in the raffle. The waiver is non-transferrable. For further details, please contact us. Good luck!

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